A public conversation about life

Together with my childhood friend Fredrik we engage in a conversation about life. We grew up in the same small village, for 16 years and took very different paths in life after that. Why was that? He went down the route of drugs while I decided to chase a football dream.

Currently this is aimed at an audience that understands Swedish, preferably parents and kids between 14-18 years of age.


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I have a UEFA A licence as a head coach and goalkeeper coach, should you want to hire me to coach you as an individual, your team and/or your goalkeepers in ad hoc sessions.


Brand collaboration

If you like what I stand for I am always interested in potential collaborations that can bring value for both parties.


I am happy to invite you to take a deeper look into what I've learned on my way to my dream, especially when it comes to how I managed to go from negative stress to calm and relaxed. 




Hedvig Lindahl is a registered company in Sweden.