Saving goals and creating dreams

a keeper

Hedvig Lindahl


the dream

To Become The Best

If anyone asked me what I wanted to become when I grew up, I would answer that I was going to become the best goalkeeper in the world. I’ve let that vision lead me in my journey throught life, a life filled to the brim with football. A football life.

I can honestly say that I am not sure how much further I will be able to go on my journey. Some people think of me as the best in the world, others wholeheartedly disagree. Football is a game of opinions. We can’t measure in an accurate way so people choose freely what they prefer. Right now my task is to stay on a high level for as long a possible, to prepare according to the standards I’ve come to expect from myself and my surroundings. Opinions change, teams change.

The thing I focus on, besides juggeling football in combination with my family-life, is to be better today than I was yesterday. There are still room for improvement, lots of it. One of the perks of not having a professional setting around me until I was over my thirties is that I still have untapped potential.

I was four years old when my older sister went to buy a pair of football boots. I also wanted a pair. They had to make a special order to fit my small feet. Since then the boots have been many, but there are something special about those first ones. A pair of Patrique. Maybe that is the reason as to why I am so fond of my uncle Patrique, an explorer, just like me.

There have been ups and downs throughout my long journey. I’ve had injuries. I’ve had doubts. I’ve wanted to give up. I’ve realised it is not a straight road. There are bumps and sometimes the bumps was needed to get me to the next level.

I’ve gained a lot of different experiences during these years. I’ve travelled. I’ve met with a lot of different people, different backgrounds and cultures. Different goals, different teams, different methods, different places, different friends, coaches and staff members. Team mates. The stories are many, and there are still a few to be experienced before they can be told.

In March 2018 it was announced I was voted into the World 11 2017 by my peers. The Worlds Best Goalkeeper. I reached my lifelong dream. WOW. I was able to do it. A vacuum occurred for a while. What now? I lost myself a bit until I found my new goal.

Now I wonder, can it be done again?

Du tar den, Hedvig!
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